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discoverer, founder, healer, leader, and pastor emeritus of christian science
mary baker eddy discovered christian science in february of 1866 when she was healed from the effects of a fall which left her in critical condition with a broken spine and unable to walk. she called for her bible and prayed deeply about the healing of the palsied man as told in matthew 9:2-7; after 3 days , she pushed herself to the edge of her bed, placed her feet on the floor, and walked across the room to her chair. in 1875 she published her signature work, our textbook, science and health with key to the scriptures. in 1892, she organized the first church of christ, scientist in boston, massachusetts as we know it today. as our leader, mary baker eddy continues to instruct mankind on the path to a full understanding and demonstration of the christ power as jesus taught and she rediscovered. she does this through her textbook, the church manual, and her many other published books, as well as through the church that she organized, which is "designed to commemorate the word and works of our master, which should reinstate primitive christianity and its lost element of healing."
learn more about this amazing woman by visiting the mary baker eddy library and longyear museum.
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science and health church manual prose works  
science and health with
key to the scriptures
church manualprose works
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mary baker eddy christian healer twelve years with mrs. eddy life of mary baker eddy tributes from the press
mary baker eddy christian healertwelve years with mary baker eddy by irvine tomlinsonthe life of mary baker eddy by sybil wilberpersistent pilgrim
these books and many more can be purchased or borrowed in our reading room located at 6470 n oracle rd, 
(ne corner of oracle and orange grove roads).
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